Kimberly stewart benicio del toro dating

UNUSUAL BABY NAMESOn 22nd August, we wrote: Kimberly Stewart has given birth to a baby girl.

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Stewart, who is yet to get married, is caring her daughter Delilah with Benicio.

Kim Stewart announces she's carrying the actor's child. Next, you're probably trying to remember when there were rumors of them actually being a couple.

But this last one, we'll admit, is a total doozy: Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of singer Rod Stewart is carrying the baby of Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro. That should be your next question to express your sheer confusion, 'cause we know it was ours.

The pair are not currently in a relationship but will work together to bring up their daughter.

Kimberly and Benicio Del Toro are thought to have hooked up during a "no-strings fling" after meeting at A-List hotspot Chateau Marmont.


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