Green green dating sim

Here, characters from the core series games are put together in a more realistic high school setting.

Rather than the player character leave on a solo journey at a young age, he (in this case based on Red from ) attends school like any one of us and learn about the Pokémon world from there.

Gabriel works in the Slacker career as a Convenience Store Clerk, which is an unusual career choice, given that he has the Knowledge Aspiration.

At the start of the game, Gabriel may very well have a romantic preference for his best friend, Samantha Cordial.

Often going unnoticed, Gabriel has eyeliner and light lipstick.

The Speedwagon Foundation is promising a PSP release in 20XX. You have to get back to your own but you have to wait for the full moon to come back.In the meantime you are stuck in this world traveler.Many ages later, in modern Japan, the rural Kanenone High School is about to try a one month experiment in coeducational existence.Wacky hijinks will ensue and a little bit of love is about to blossom at this mountain school.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.


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