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This NASA app keeps you in the loop about the latest NASA missions plus images (updated daily), news, features, tweets, satellite trackers and even live stream from NASA TV.It’s based on some amazing research being done over at MIT’s Media Lab.Simply point your phone’s camera at your face, and the app will inform you of your heart rate to within 3 beats per minute of a clinical instrument.Recommended Reading: Falling Stars & Meteors Wallpapers Apart from the augmented reality apps like Star Chart affords users, this app goes the extra mile when it comes to time travel, about 10,000 years forward or backward in time.You can also change your location to view the night sky from other points on Earth, and in-app purchases unlock enhanced star catalogues, meteor showers, comets etc.Here’s how they explain the technology: Cardiio’s technology is based on cutting-edge research and science conducted at the MIT Media Lab.


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