Absolut power dating

On the contrary, if you're a grown man who runs around America with plastic shields saluting an ideology that murdered tens of millions… Promoting happiness and offering a positive distraction, dating might even offer a remedy to those issues.Finally, Bumble's rhetoric seems a little too earnest.His sister finds that out firsthand — and fast — in the above sneak peek, which is exclusive to us as well.

As previously reported by The Wrap, Jorge’s girlfriend Anfisa is the absolute worst.

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Everyone but Jorge (wisely) thinks she’s using him for a green card and to start a modeling career in America.

On the plus side, Anfisa is also a gigantic gold digger, so, there’s that. Jorge, 25, and Anfisa, 20, met when Jorge stumbled on Anfisa’s Facebook page and began courting her, per TLC.


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