Erotic german dating

He is the most successful dildo designer in Germany, perhaps even in all of Europe.

It's fair to assume that Brueggemann knows a thing or two about Germans and their sexual practices.

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How Germans Have Sex And so Thomas and Sabine Müller are back at home and, assuming they're in a good mood, back in their most intimate surroundings. Thirty-eight percent of Germans are satisfied with their sex lives.

For 31 percent, a partner's novelty wears off after only a year, at which point they start looking for new thrills.

The popular Beate Uhse chain of sex shops in Germany sell 100,000 vibrators a year, most of them in normal sizes and delicate colors: rosé, pink or candy blue.

Vibrators are the reason 35-year-old Heinrich Brueggemann is standing on the stage in the conference room of a Hamburg hotel, holding a pink specimen in his right hand.


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