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In my case Rows Modified column value was zero but in the connect item it is mentioned “modification counter is also strongly incremented (on the secondary only) “.I would like to hear if you encounter this issue and how you are dealing with it.

The default sampling rate algorithm is as follows: The sampling algorithm does not randomly sample rows, it actually samples all of the rows on “randomly” selected pages as highlighted by Conor Cunningham.Statistics contain two different types of information about the data; density and distribution.Density is simply the inverse of the count of distinct values for the column or columns.Similarly, the query optimiser looks at how many changes have occurred for existing statistic objects as part of query optimisation.If the number of rows that have changed exceed certain thresholds, SQL Server will, by default, update the statistic synchronously and then optimise the query.There are multiple paths a database can use to answer a query, some of them being faster and more efficient than others.


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