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One important part of the “God-breathed” scriptures (see The authority of Scripture) is the book of Isaiah, which has many important prophecies about the coming Messiah (for example, see Isaiah 9:6–7: The coming Child who would be called ‘Mighty God’, and the suffering Servant of Isaiah 53).

The prophet’s name itself, in Hebrew He was more of an Evangelist than a Prophet, because he described all of the Mysteries of the Church of Christ so vividly that you would assume he was not prophesying about the future, but rather was composing a history of past events.

Paul says that the signs of his Apostleship were wrought, semeiois te kai terasin kai dynamesin ( 2 Corinthians ).

Their united meaning is found in the term erga i.e., works, the word constantly employed in the Gospels to designate the miracles of Christ.

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Well of course, predicting the future is impossible—for those with a dogma against miracles and who ignore that a God who created time itself would know the future.

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In like manner the justification of a soul in itself is miraculous, but is not a miracle properly so called, unless it takes place in a sensible manner, as, e.g., in the case of St. The wonder of the miracle is due to the fact that its cause is hidden, and an effect is expected other than what actually takes place.

Hence, by comparison with the ordinary course of things, the miracle is called extraordinary.


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