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Gillio dubbed the find "the Fitzgerald's hoard." "Some of the items were displayed in Las Vegas recently at an antique arms and coin show.Gillio figures the face value of the coins and chips is about 0,000. "Things other people would throw away, Fitzgerald kept. It took us 60 days to clear out the warehouse." "In the Fitzgerald stash, he found empty bags from the Carson City Mint dating to the 1880s.

Carlingford takes its name from the 'fjiord of Carlinn' and as the name suggests, it might have been at one time a base for raiding Vikings who made good use of its sheltered position.The nearby Black Mountain has a cairn on top and Barnavave Hill has the remains of an ancient church.In behind the Ballymascalon hotel and a short walk to the far end of the golf course you will find the Proleek Dolmen.This feeling of mystery emanates from the Julius Mařák painting, and it can be heard in the harp tones of the symphonic poem Vyšehrad by Bedřich Smetana, as well as in the verses of the poets Karel Jaromír Erben and Julius Zeyer.According to myths and legends, Vyšehrad was the residence of the judge Krok, Princess Libuše, Přemysl - the founder of the first ruling dynasty in Bohemia - and his successors. Archeological finds pertaining to the historic period date back surprisingly only to the 10th century.The foundation of a Slavic walled-in settlement on the Vyšehrad rock is probably associated with the gradual decay of hill settlements in the Prague basin and its surroundings, places like Šárka, Butovice, and Zámka.


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