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In the drone footage, huge explosions can be seen followed by smoke billowing over the Ain Tarma area in east Damascus as Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops carry out strikes against what it described as an al-Qaeda-linked allied militant group.

But the second piece of footage shows the potential consequences of these strikes on the ground, as shell-shocked and bloodied children are left trapped under broken slabs of concrete surrounded by chaos.

source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 Fundada en el tercer milenio a.

C., Damasco es una de las ciudades más antiguas del Oriente Medio.

The largest portion of the textual sources come from Assyria.

There are, however, often several copies of the same texts.

Sources for this state come from texts that can be divided into three categories: Assyrian annals, Aramaean texts, and the Hebrew Bible.A basalt orthostat dating from this period, depicting a sphinx, has been discovered in the northeast corner of the mosque.In the early first century AD, the Romans arrived and built a massive temple to Jupiter over the Aramean temple.Drone footage has captured shockwaves rippling across the terrain after a bombardment by Syrian forces as two children are pulled from rubble in a separate missile strike in Damascus.One clip shows the Syrian armed forces bombarding targets they identified as terrorist militants as a second video on the ground shows innocent children were caught up in other explosions.The drone video shows three blasts, which are all understood to have happened on Tuesday.


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