Error has occurred sp4 system updating w2k

So i migrated all the stuff to a new computer and try the I cannot map to the network drive! so i asked the Google teacher and finally found the solution. I found the solution at : For win Home Users: you can edit the registry yourself by doing this: 1) open Notepad: 2) copy this text and past in notepad: 3) save the file on your desktop (or anywhere else) as – “.reg” is important. aid=711 (in Norwegian)For Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM: 1. Now RIGHT click on it “LMCompatibility Level” Then select “Modify” 13. Note: Some Microsoft Windows 2000 OEM disks included with new computers are customized for those computers and include device drivers and other utilities specific to the hardware system.

- Could you provide us some more detailled information: (1.) what version of Windows are you using (2.) how do you try to mount the share (3.) what is the exact error message you got.

All other permission has been revoked - "Domain Users" is the only right available on the share.

I will summarize my trip a bit later =) A few days ago, i found that my office computer was getting slower and slower and it always hanged for a while whenever i did any action on the Windows Explorer. Open the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel in your For windows 7 home premium i found this solution to work just fine. Change the “Value data” from 0 to 1 then click “Ok” 14.

Hi all, can anyone tell me if an ole Db connection (provider is Jet 4.0 to Access database) can be enlisted in a Distributed Transaction?

The goal is to copy data from Sql Server to Access within a transaction.


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