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Now that most of the tourists have left Maine for the season, it’s a good time to take note of some of the celebrities who come back year after year.

They’ve been drawn to Maine enough to want to buy homes here, and to spend their summers and even Christmas holidays here.

Le Page responded to Goode's fax with his own note, saying, "Both parties to the events of Charlottesville are guilty of racism." Le Page isn't new to dashing off handwritten notes to critics.

In 2015, Le Page fueled a north-south division in Maine when he scolded a Cape Elizabeth resident, writing that she lived in a region where people "exploit those who are not so fortunate." Poulin said she was "shocked" by Le Page's response. You have encouraged us in our mission — to provide quality news and watchdog journalism.

Below are 20 of the many celebrities who pine for the Pine Tree State: JOHN TRAVOLTA and KELLY PRESTON, Islesboro: Travolta has created a lot of buzz during his time as a Maine homeowner.

AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Every year in Maine, between 200 and 300 young women and girls are being trafficked for sex.

16 by saying, "You must be reading the liberal press. Authorities say one person was killed when a white nationalist rammed counterprotesters with his car.

Under creative director Jenna Lyons, the mass fashion brand had been focused for a few years overwhelmingly on preppy style—ribbon belts, Sperry topsiders, Barbour coats and rep ties.

In 2012, upper-middle-class culture in America had swung its sluggish attention span in the direction of my little, out-of-the-way home state, Maine.

Daly, in her message to Le Page, wrote, "Silence in the face of immorality is tantamount to consent." Le Page initially responded by scrawling on the message, "Return to sender.

Who is the racist calling out folks who have nothing to do with this horrific tragedy." In a second message, he wrote, "My entire life I have spoken out against the (Ku Klux Klan).


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