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This also means that we get use to the bad things that happen to us. Put more simply, we get use to the good things that happen to us.

The actual gratitude produced during those five minutes is small, but the emotions of gratitude felt during those five-minutes are enough to trigger a grateful mood.

” Even the articles about ‘setting boundary stuff’ are about ‘not engaging’ and not expecting them to change.

I never read an article that says, if your family is abusive, humiliating, harassing, degrading or devaluing you, if your family or friends disrespect you privately or publically, then “stay away from them!

I don’t get it; it seems that the solution “out there” is always about acceptance of the people who are doing the damage, and then taking responsibility for YOUR part in it.

It is always assumed that each person in the relationship shares part of the blame for the difficulties in family relationships.


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