China glaze bermuda breakaway dating a royal

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Nude Glam - 04 Iced Latte Rebels TE - 01 Mauve like a rockstar Rebels TE - 02 Rebel Delight Rebels TE - 03 Peach Punk Rebels TE Punk Royale Return to Paradise LE 01 Jungle Drum Return to Paradise LE 05 Sun Downer Road Trip TE - 01 Hit the road, red! TE - 03 Crew love is true love Vampire's Love TE - 01 Gold Old Buffy Vampire's Love TE - 02 Into the Dar Vampire's Love TE - 03 True Love Vampire's Love TE - 04 The Dawn is Broken Whoom! Charmed by a Snake Comet loves Cupid Conquistadorable Color Here Today...

The SH scrub loosens everything and then this stuff gives it the last push to detach from my nail beds. I've been using this as a base for all my manicures for about 3 weeks now.

It has a brush like the nail colors but it also comes with a dropper. My nails are definitely stronger (except for the one I jammed and it now has a tear very low down) and they aren't at all stained from all the dark shades I've been wearing.

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