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Seeing these statistics, I know I’m not alone in finding Judaism through culture, learning, Israel and social community, but maybe not through prayer and synagogue affiliation. Even though we’re doing it differently, I promise we aren’t going anywhere.” unaffiliated with any of the major movements.

What does this mean for the future of Judaism in Boston and the traditional synagogue model? But I do know that I’m committed to continuing to build my Jewish life in Boston along with, per this research, many others who share my perspective and engagement. And yet we are deeply involved in the broader community, through CJP, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, Hebrew College, Mayyim Hayyim, the Jewish Arts Collaborative, the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts and more.

Women and men who experienced food and housing insecurity in the past 12 months reported a significantly higher 12-month prevalence of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner compared to women and men who did not experience food and housing insecurity.

One of the major causes of homelessness for children in the U. includes experiences of trauma, especially domestic violence, by their mothers and/or by the children themselves; trauma frequently precedes and prolongs homelessness for children and families.

A study of 3,400 shelter residents in domestic violence programs across eight states found that housing is one of the main needs identified by survivors at the time of shelter entry; 84% participants reported that they needed help with finding affordable housing.

Survivors have reported that if a domestic violence shelter did not exist, the consequences for them would be dire: homelessness, serious losses including loss of their children, actions taken in desperation, or continued abuse or death. Homeless in Minnesota, 2003, 22; Center for Impact Research (2004).

To earn the latter distinction, therapists are required by states to get at least a master's degree in the discipline and a passing score on a national licensing exam, followed by a set number of client hours -- from 1,500 hours in New York to 3,000 in Texas -- under the supervision of another fully licensed practitioner.Divorce rates for baby boomers have doubled in the past 20 years, with one in four couples over age 50 calling it quits by 2009, according to a study from Bowling Green State University released earlier this summer.Although overall figures have fallen in recent years, some estimates still put the divorce rate for all new marriages at roughly 50%.They speak at least two languages and have a 4-year college-degree. ” The response: “It’s complicated.” Elaina Natario is the art director and a contributing illustrator of Denizen.Though not a TCK, she loves reading about (and illustrating) her peers’ cultural experiences.In 2014, FVPSA grantees reported 196,467 unmet requests for shelter—a 13% increase over those reported in 2010.


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