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The mother who intends to breastfeed exclusively will have a child with an allergy to nipples and the mom who is confident that corporal punishment is the only way, will give birth to a child who is hypersensitive to touch. And, if necessary, decide to adopt a parenting "mindset" rather than a style.2. Children learn through play, and play includes struggling, making mistakes and even getting some bumps and bruises along the way.If we are constantly guarding, guiding and correcting their playtime, they will be afraid to try new things and, more importantly, they will not learn how to correct or soothe themselves.3.Here are the top 10 parenting fails and how to prevent them.1.You decide on a parenting "style" before your child is born and tell everyone how perfectly you will execute it. Making a decision that huge before getting to know your child's patterns will undoubtedly sabotage your every plan. I may have been at one time, but then I became a mom with boys and I realized that I cannot align with a message that has changed into something degrading, offensive, accusatory and opposed to the morals and messages I am teaching my kids. I'm a wife, mother, sister, daughter, business owner, sports nut and beer lover, but I am not a feminist.Four hip women get ready for Friday night in LA: they dress, talk about sex, and hit a bar before meeting four men at a rave. Rick and Jean, two attorneys, have set up the evening, connect at the club, and have a good time.

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The better idea would be to ask him, "Buddy, do you have to go potty? Can the mistake of a toddler take away all the fun you had earlier in the day? You tell your child it's not his/her fault even if it really is.

This movie is as shallow as the plot without question.

The so-called music from this movie gave me a headache that still rages 3 hours after leaving the theatre.

Even though we all like to say we’re honest about everything all the time, that would be a lie. Anyway, I saw that #Lies Everyone Tells was trending on Twitter, and I knew there were going to be some good tweets.

Now, I certainly do my best not to lie, but I fib here and there. I think it’s okay as long as you don’t lie about really important things.


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