States mandating vaccines

By the end of the year, magistrates had issued more than 200,000 vaccination exemptions.

Antivaccinationists in England, other parts of Europe, and the United States were active in publishing, speaking, and demonstrating about their objections to vaccination.

Legislatures in other states, such as Pennsylvania, also are considering eliminating personal exemptions.

It took until 2010 for the CDC to give the OK for 11-to 12-year-old boys to start receiving the vaccine as well. C., and the varicella vaccine was required in 38 states and D. While the HPV vaccine has been successful in cutting down the rate of infection, it hasn’t been easy to get Americans on board to vaccinate their pre-teens.

According to CDC data, less than half of girls and even fewer boys had completed the three dose series of shots in 2013.

The New York City Board of Health told the Health Department to devise a plan to ensure the purity and potency of diphtheria antitoxins sold in the city. Congress passed "An act to regulate the sale of viruses, serums, toxins, and analogous products," later referred to as the Biologics Control Act (even though "biologics" appears nowhere in the law). Public Health Service to oversee manufacture of biological drugs.

At this point, most of the antitoxin came from two suppliers in Germany. This was the first modern federal legislation to control the quality of drugs. The Hygienic Laboratory eventually became the National Institutes of Health.


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