Updating ccr information

With recent budget cuts and increased public criticism, purchasing agents are feeling more pressure to spend the American taxpayers’ money wisely.

It is imperative that companies looking to do business with the federal government take advantage of every option available to effectively market their capabilities to procurement officers.

The only option for businesses that wish to take advantage of the endless federal contracts that are available is to be set up properly in SAM and to aggressively market their business to federal agencies.

We help small businesses get established with the federal government by utilizing the same sources used by successful companies that are currently contracting with the government.

The Government purchases products and services in almost every industry known from private sector businesses registered with SAM. Contracting officers buy everything they need from private businesses and contractors because the Government does not manufacture anything on it’s own.

In 2009 Legislation passed a bill called The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the Small Business Act to create opportunities for small businesses to participate in government funded contracts while building on and keeping the US economy going. Additionally, Public Adjusters and applicants for a Public Adjuster license should be guided by the application procedures set forth in Bulletin 12-01. If the term of the 2 year license for new, or those transitioning to the biennial license via renewal would be less than 18 months, then the third birth month for individuals, or the third May 31 for business entities will be used.Ultimate authority and responsibility for the completeness and the quality of the data reside with the provinces and territories.The data that comes into the CCR describes both the individual with the cancer, and the characteristics of the cancer.This information is provided free of charge by the Department of Industrial Relations from its web site at


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