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This replaces the older Type Talk service and lets you communicate using your computer, smartphone app or through a telephone relay assistant.

To find out more about how to use the service please visit the NGTS website.

Our personnel software has everything you need for staff management. All of you holiday calculations will then be taken care of for you. We operate in the North West, North East, Yorkshire, Wales, the Midlands, Beds and Bucks, Herts and Essex and Kent and Surrey.Select your region to see what services operate in your area.That’s why moving your data to Staff Squared could save you time.We promise to keep your data safe, well organised and easy to access. If you would rather get up to speed on your own we recommend that you review our comprehensive list of features.We aim to make our website as accessible as possible. We can only give advice and offer debt solutions to clients living in the UK in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland or clients from the UK living abroad on a short-term basis.


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