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Despite her efficiency, Rakshata is very laid back and easy going, usually seen laying on a couch when not actively working (and sometimes even when she is actively working).

She even has one installed on the bridge of the Black Knights' flagship, the Ikaruga.

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She affectionately refers to her technological creations as her "children" and treats them with such care, she also becomes enraged when others carelessly mishandle or tamper with them without her permission.

In Oz the Reflection, it is mentioned that the reason that Rakshata entered the field of was in the hope of ending wars, and that she had hardened her heart to do so.

Rakshata is a calm person, she almost always maintains a cool and seemingly carefree attitude no matter what the situation and is never seen without her trademark tobacco pipe.

She is on quite good terms with Zero and several of her colleagues in the Black Knights.


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