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For these reasons, dating, romantic, or sexual relationships between students and faculty members, including relationships that occur when College is not in session or students are on leave, are prohibited. On occasion, a faculty member will have a dating, romantic, or sexual relationship, or a marriage, with an individual who then becomes a student, or an individual with a pre-existing relationship with a student will join the faculty.

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While Daddy and Teach may not be thinking of it, the other parents, and more importantly the other kids, are likely to suspect preferential treatment and change the way they behave toward your child.And you can help make their relationship a strong and rewarding one.“A positive parent-teacher relationship helps your child feel good about school and be successful in school,” advises Diane Levin, Ph. “It demonstrates to your child that he can trust his teacher, because you do.This positive relationship makes a child feel like the important people in his life are working together.” Communicating well is a key factor for making this relationship work. What should you bring up with her with and what should be left alone?“Communication on both sides is extremely important,” notes teacher Susan Becker, M. “The parents need information about what and how their child is learning, and the teacher needs important feedback from the parent about the child’s academic and social development.” But communicating effectively with a busy teacher, who may have up to 30 kids in a class, can be challenging. How do you create a relationship with someone you may only see a few times a year?The experts have been polled and the results are in: a positive parent-teacher relationship contributes to your child’s school success. After all, there are teachers your child will love and teachers your child may not.


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