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CFRC approached the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) to see if there was interest in doing a show on graduate study research and of course the SGS said yes!On behalf of all our graduate students, a huge thank you to CFRC for this opportunity to showcase graduate research.A former manager in the faculty of education at Queen's University has been stripped of his teaching credentials after being convicted of luring a 13-year-old girl on the Internet for sex.The Ontario College of Teachers revoked David Alan Ditchfield's credentials after concluding he was guilty of professional misconduct."Child luring is a serious offence and must be dealt with seriously," the college's discipline panel stated in its decision."Children are frequent users of the Internet.An accomplished clarinetist and pianist, Sue holds degrees from the University of Southern California, University of Toronto, and Mc Gill.Currently, she directs The Royal Conservatory of Music’s new Teacher Certification and Network programs.

He also asked some students to turn on their webcam for late-night chats, or to videotape themselves.

He was convicted in November last year of luring a 13-year-old girl online and of trying to escape custody.

Ditchfield's online affair began in October 2004, when he logged onto a chat room called 'littlegirlsfordaddy' and clicked on the profile of a 13-year-old Toronto girl named Sarah.

The identity of scores of bad teachers and dozens more each year is kept secret by the profession’s watchdog — the Ontario College of Teachers.

That’s because the watchdog — a self-regulatory body — granted them anonymity after the teacher pleaded guilty or “no contest” to certain allegations.


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