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And yet, despite strong arguments against marriage, the secularist stills seems to prize what marriage brings.I’ve often wondered why those who say marriage is an outdated institution celebrate the marriage announcement of two cohabiting people.It will steer clear from the confusion, the worry, the stress and the mind games that come with not knowing.If someone isn’t making their intentions clear, odds are they may have different intentions or could be fearful in voicing it. Both involved can get blindsided simply because a lack of upfront communication. If more people said “I don’t date just to date,” I think we’d have fewer confused and tormented hearts.Then come other confusing messages when preachers, for example, begrudgingly recall that singleness must be okay because Jesus and Paul were single.But then Paul, given his concerns over coming persecution, encouraged Christians to remain single (and even suggested they were better off for doing so; see I Corinthians 7:8-9). So, where do all these cultural and church-based confusing messages leave the average person? What is needed is a clear, eternal perspective that moves you closer to God’s best for you.The author and social media influencer, has moved thousands to join, make the promise and look to her for guidance on dating with purpose. Because you love God and live for Him, honor Him with your body and be involved in a healthy relationship that glorifies God. Take time to seek God and understand what His purpose for you is and how it should be used to glorify the Kingdom. Enjoy intimate time with the Lord and be still in His Presence.

At the same time, we realize that the fight will be tough one, a long one, and at times a discouraging one.

Families are encouraged to attend the 10 am Mass just prior to the sessions.

Each session consists of a large group portion (teaching) and a small group portion (discussion).

The message, in spite of their ideology, seems to be that “living with someone and having children is great, but until you’re married something is still missing.” Clearly marriage offers the confused secularist something non-marriage doesn’t. Consider the mixed messages that singles report hearing from the church.

First is the clear message that marriage is the preferred state (“We program our church’s classes and activities around marriages and families; we’re not sure where to put you.”).


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