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Here are 15 hand-picked, unforgivably cringeworthy favorites guaranteed to make you glad you’re no longer in the dating game. We talked for hours, and he asked to meet up the next week for dinner. He was 10 minutes late, without any message or apology. He told me he wanted to have children with the next girl he meets. Then he took me to a food court for dinner — and wanted me to pay for my own food. The guy who arrived was not the same guy shown in the online profile — or even the same one I had been talking to on the phone.

And if you are still single, next time you go on a bad date, try to see the comedic side of your experience. One day he was wonderful, the next he was HORRIBLE. I said I wasn’t interested anymore, as he wasn’t even making an effort, so I left quickly.

How could Jeremy Corbyn miss the open goal of Philip Hammond’s National Insurance foul-up during the Budget exchanges? On Budget eve, when the Labour leader should have been prepping furiously, he decided to drive up from the Commons to Holloway market in North London to buy a large bag of North African dates – which he then spread out in a pretty pattern on his desk. Oddball Baker has laid a new doormat, featuring a giant photo of his own face, outside his Commons office – just yards from Osborne’s own rooms.

‘I’m sure George would love to wipe his feet all over it,’ he quipped. The former aide to Michael Gove says we should build a manned base on the moon after we leave the EU to help ‘change political dynamics on Earth’. Paddy Ashdown and Lib Dem-turned-independent peer Alex Carlile spent last week’s Lords’ Brexit debate snarling at each other after Carlile witheringly dismissed his former party’s calls for a second EU referendum.

Therefore, I present some of the most awkward, most bizarre, most awesomely bad dates in the history of womankind—for official confirmation that, really, it's not us; it's them.

On date night, I—a flats-and-jeans girl—slipped on red four-inch heels and a pencil skirt. Forty-five minutes and six "I'm so sorry" texts later, John arrived.

Dinner actually went well—until an elderly hippie wearing a sarong slid into our booth, greeted us in Swahili and bought marijuana from John .

LAGROW: So a cool name doesn't justify sh**** behavior?

Then there was John.* I was elated when this cute, shy events planner got my number from a mutual friend and asked me out to dinner.


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