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If guys are afraid to approach a female it is because their own self confidence is lacking and are feeling insecure. You want a person that is your equal.."intimidation" that some sense ..power mongering.....a man does not need to be dominated any more than a woman wants to be dominated and abused- If they attempt to intimidate or have that persona..on.... I come off as ice cold--until I open my mouth or laugh.There are kind people out there- You had a mother- you don't need another. If you present yourself as confident, sure of yourself, and encounter an insecure guy, he is going to be intimidated by your relative greater amount of confidence with yourself. Even when I smile, they say my eyes tell that I know a lot, I know what I want, and am hardly a fool.Or maybe it’s your BFF who you think is a certified stunner— and is dating a man who’s, well, uh, not too handsome.“But men are afraid I’ll reject them.” Rejection is never easy to handle it, but men have been dealing with it since adolescence.We’ve all noticed the couples who don’t seem equally yoked on the attractive meter.Men are strong naturally, but when it comes to women, an inexperienced guy always fears being that dude who is shot down by the beauty in an embarrassing way.I personally like it when a woman is full of self confidence.

This audition was different then the many others I attended.

Since some women still have hang-ups about approaching men, I’m assuming that, in the majority of these cases, the men stepped to these women.

They face it on a daily basis, but that’s never stopped them from trying to holler.

I met her when I asked to take her picture for my website, Haute Drop-Off.

She's beautiful in that symmetrical way in which some scientists claim attracts the human eye.


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